Roadrunner = t3h pwn

That's kilobytes, not bits.

Nice. What speed package do you have?

The regular home package. $30/month. They increased everyone from 3 mbps to 5 mbps this month for free.

It's only supposed to be $30/month for 6 months, but at the end of every six months, you can just call and ask them to keep it at $30. It's normally $45.

Despite being owned by "the man," Roadrunner really is kickass. They give the most speed for the money, don't moniter or restrict anything (other than upstream/downstream, of course), have the best newsgroup servers, for an ISP, that I've ever seen, good customer service, etc.

The funny part is that the only reason for the speed increase is for downloading binaries from newsgroups, bittorrent, etc. There is really no reason to need more than 3 mbps for websurfing and downloading every day legal things.

Unless you need a lot of upstream, there's no comparison, IMO.

Their Roadrunner "premium", or whatever, is soon to go to 8 mpbs for $60/month.

wish we had Road Runner instead of shitty Comcast.

Hey, what app is that that you're using

Damn I wish I had Time Warner over here. I'm stuck with Cox for cable, so I'm using SBC DSL instead.

That is Newsbin Pro 4.32.

I use for my newsgroups. I recommed them if you're looking for a good NG service...I download like 10-50 GB a day from them at full speed and they don't give a shit. $15/month, unlimited d/l, 99% completion, 24 day retention, 4 connections--5 mbps each.

I've used SBC DSL and it least in Austin. My friend gets like 1.2 mbps. But, at least it's only $20/month.

Blast! I'm paying 42 per month to Comcast for 3 mbps.

Well, right now I have the introductory deal which is 20 per month, but it will run out soon.

i pay $0 a month for roadrunner, same speed :-)


If I need serious bandwidth, I remote in to the office. (After hours, of course)


I wonder if anyone will notice.  :)


ttt for free hehe

We have a fiber network here in mid west Washington, 100mb down 100mb up for $30.53, beat that bitches!!

Yeah I know 60gb cap per month lame i know. My work has the same package, we only pay a very small amount a month for phone and internet. Under $1000( it used to be about $20,000 a month) and we do about 800 gigs a month transfer - mostly from me :)

Sorry I ment 80 gigs....

How do you use newsgroups to download, stuff? ;) I use bittorrent all the time and just started to here about news groups.