Roast Me. PoF Profile

Broken engagement, started this last night after many beers, whatcha got?

cringeworthy lol

Not worth it.

5'8 sucks tho

Depressing, all your pictures look like you're having a Make A Wish granted.

You are a retard, good luck...

Think about every profile you've seen from the nuevo-fem, hipster-types. I assume they are all somewhat similar: pictures at protests, skinny jeans, craft beers, vegan food, weird haircuts, weirder tattoos/piercings, sports-hating, completely politically correct rhetoric, EDM/Indy-band listening, working in a restaurant/record store/unemployed... am I getting close?

Now think about the opposite. That's me. I can confidently and rationally discuss my beliefs on politics, religion, and controversial issues without getting emotional or resorting to ad hominem attacks and baseless accusations. I believe a guy should own suits that fit but be equally comfortable in goofy PJ pants and hoodies. Bud Light is just fine by me. I feel a man should be able to prepare great meals (with meat) and pick out wine to match. They should be able to defend themselves and those that are important. I don't need ridiculous hair to try and act like I'm special. I have a few tattoos- each are completely personal and meaningful to me-- I didn't go point to something on a wall. I love sports...watching, playing, or simply discussing. I am not and will not walk on eggshells just to avoid potentially offending precious snowflakes. Frank Sinatra and Andrea Bocelli > all Indy bands combined (though 90's and 2000's Rap, Boybands, and R&B are my secret karaoke weapon). I have a very unique and interesting job but am kicking around a few offers for positions that are a little more "normal." I take great pride in the fact that I've never met someone I've been unable to have a good conversation with- from hours speaking with homeless veterans to the top tier of the Government.

Assuming that at least 80% of people are now not interested, I'd love to chat with someone from the other 20%. No matter which side you're on, feel free to chat. It just might go somewhere interesting.

You seem intelligent, pleasant, and a fun-loving person OP. With that said, unless you're interested in just sex with these women, I'd look somewhere else other than Plenty of Fish. Best of luck regardless!

A fedora lol

I really expected better.

Awwww, look at the little manlet, they even put a little hat on him. Adorable.

If your intention was to make sure no woman contacts you or ever responds to your messages you have done a helluva job with that profile!

You'd be shocked. At my age... in the middle of Missouri, women around my age are either married or carrying a lot of baggage. Either way, they're definitely not shy with the messaging. Either way, will be sure to take pics along the journey of hairdressers with no self-esteem.

I think you did fine, and good luck to you brother.

I am no online profile expert; however, that seems too lengthy for any woman (who have hundreds of profiles to sift through) to take the time to read.

But yes, DEFINITELY lose the Struve pic. Not a good look

I'm not reading all that, but it's probably not a good idea to post a pic next to a 7 foot tall guy making you look like a midget.

CuddleBug -

Depressing, all your pictures look like you're having a Make A Wish granted.

LOL spot on


So, no pets, but you love your puppy. Interesting...did you kill it by chance?


just being born in middle America doesn't make you any less Asian. 


Can you find find a decent pair of shoes with lifts short round?

I guess Joanie doesn't love Chachi

you're not very good with women, are you?