Roast Me. PoF Profile

You are like a man, only smaller.  Did Struve help you back into his pocket after the photo?

Just kidding OP, you are brave for putting your POF account on here for everyone to shit on.  I respect that, good luck in your search.  One word of advice, if I can give it.  Get rid of the long winded rant and make it very minimal.  When you message a girl keep it short and to the point, something like "You are very pretty.  Do you have (Whichever social messenger you use)?"  


Back in the day when I was looking that is what I would use, it aint rocket math, it worked for me. 

You have no chance OP. Fortunately you're built like a woman, so you might find success as a tranny. 

Find Bravos POF thread.  Do what it says.  

80% might have been a lowball.

Saltine American - 

You have no chance OP. Fortunately you're built like a woman, so you might find success as a tranny. 

This thread is chock full i' gold, but this one's got me belly laughing

PhillyFights - 80% might have been a lowball. take - get some updated pics, those all look like they were scanned from 4x6 prints.  Youre spinning a good yarn but try and cut the fat a bit on the profile.


Good luck!

It's not terrible your pics suck though you look like a midget next to Struve 99% of the chicks aren't gonna know who he is and that he's 7 feet tall. Take some regular selfies too and prob get rid of the one with the trump hat. Maybe take out the part about talking politics shit too if you're just trying to get laid.

Benntheredunthat -

Broken engagement, started this last night after many beers, whatcha got?

You 100% need to change all those pics. If you want help rewriting that profile, let me know. It's not a good opener nor is using "ad hominem" attacks in a dating write up. 99% of the women who even bother to read it won't understand what you're talking about. 

"Assuming that at least 80% of people are now not interested, I'd love to chat with someone from the other 20%."

If it makes you feel better...I don't think 80% will be turned off by what you wrote...96% will be uninterested after seeing your pictures. 

But seriously...the whole "I'm different, I'm not like other guys" and }I like contrasting things (going out or quiet nights at home)" and trying to appear "down to earth" is really cliche. 

Make your profile short and sweet and focus on coming up with something funny to lightly make fun of anyone you contact with.

it looks good to me

but I have zero game and I am an old dude - so what do I know

props to OP

HaoleBoy - it looks good to me

but I have zero game and I am an old dude - so what do I know

Probably more than the rest of us in what matters most.

I thought it was pretty good ....the pics are not bad either 


what's working against you is that you're not a good looking guy and you are short not trying to be funny or offend you , those are the facts ...


Good luck OP 

tj tapper -

Find Bravos POF thread.  Do what it says.  

This. I'll see if I can bump it.

Good luck out there pal

Christ, I can't imagine what POF is like in Missouri. If you were in California I'd say ditch the Trump shit if you ever want to get laid, but it there I'm guessing that a Klan hood might be considered left wing

Howie Mandel's retarded younger brother.

First of all, OP, you are a brave (possibly insane) guy posting your profile on here. I had a great time with "online dating" about ten years or so ago, so will give you my honest opinion for what it's worth.

1: WAY too much text - keep it short.

2: one flattering photo would be better than what you have up.

Never underestimate what confidence and a good sense of humour will do for you. And don't waste time with endless chat & messaging - if you are both interested, make a date or move on. If she isn't interested enough to meet for a coffee, you are both wasting your time.

Good luck, bro...

Get rid of the fucking fedora picture. 


Here is a better idea. Instead of doing this online dating bullshit.


You want to differentiate yourself? You want to stand out? Approach a woman in real life (not in a bar). 


If there's no ring on her hand, free game. If she's single, she is probably on the same shitty sites you are, and she is probably desperate for attention. You will have much more luck finding a decent woman out of the deal that way. 


Quit being a pussy, we are social by nature. 


Burn your fucking fedora.

NEWSFLASH - Howie Mandel's retarded younger brother.

Am I the only one who realized this is a roast?

Right there in the title.