Rob for Mod!!!

why isnt Rob a mod here?

gets my vote (unless he has turned down the offe and waiting for kirik to offer more money)

I've always wondered that. There should be a couple of mods here that cover different areas of topics and Rob should be one of them. Let's start a petition for Rob on this forum.

I fully support this.

I also support my southern IT brother for mod.

cajones does have a good point. lol

There are actually a lot of guys here that are quite talented that would make good mods.

Rob actually denied the position a while ago. I doubt he changed his mind.

But since this is a nut hugging thread, I will say he is a talented guy who is going to go far in the IT field.


smacks cajones's gimp mask back on and throws him back in the dungeon j/k

lol, while I appreciate the blantant ego stroking thread, I don't really think we need any more mods.

the ITForum has enough mods already, we don't have any trouble for the most part anyway.

If the mods are really stressed or something and need another mod I would do it, but I don't think that is the case.

There are a ton of people here who would make good mods.

I am glad you think I am responsible enough/good enough to be a mod though.

Rob who said anything about responsible? Have you not seen the mods over on the OG :D


how many IT mods are there?

well i still support Rob for Mod