Rob gets to attend WWDC

I get to attend Apple's World Wide Developer Conference next week. I will only be working like one day that week.

as an Apple employee, I only get seated in a conference if there is room (Apple developers pay $1000 per person to attend, so they get first priority), but it's still pretty cool.

I'm pretty pumped. I hope to learn a lot, there are some really awesome courses.

Andrew is presenting something at the conference, I'm not sure if the Apple secrecy ninjas will get me if I talk about it so I will let him talk about it.

Rob also gets to talk about himself in the first person, and to call Mac OS Ten "Mac OS Ekks"

Rob must report back wit Rob's findings, enquiring minds want to know!

can he get me an iphone?


yeah git me one too! i wanna switch to ATTingular!

Rob is not allowed into the iPhone lab. Rob does know someone who got to play with the iPhone early, though. Rob is not allowed to say more.