Rob Kahn Seminar ($25)

alright yall.
that's right. $25 american.

location: Schenectady, NY (10 min. from Albany).

Rob Kahn, Royce Brown belt (should be black) will be conducting a 3hr. seminar. it will consist of No Gi and of course No Gi geared towards MMA/NHB (like a 70%/30% of NOGI/NOGI for mma ratio). Rob's bjj and sub wrestling is not on a different level as many are inclined to say here, but on a new level. He is an innovator of moves that work. He constantly attacks, never settles for points and always goes for the tap out. His style is relentless and painful. I have learned more from him in 1 day than i learned from reputable black belts in weeks. I can comfortably accomodate 15 people. Please contact me for more info on this at:

I can provide phone number and specifics upon request via email.

ttt this thing if u would, please.

kosta whats the date?


Rob is the man!! and $25 is a steal

Wish I could make it up to train with you and the guys Kosta, hope to cya again soon


January 31st.

i have an info sheet i can send to those that contact me via email.

Jeff, thanks.

will take pics of me in contorted neck cranks for you.


Rob @ 25 is a great deal!


ttt to see pics of Kosta getting whooped on :)


ttt to see young kids ages 12-15 learning from Rob Kahn at the seminar.



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whoa...its a rob kahn seminar....and everyones going. ttt this forum.

-Joe McFarlane