Rob Kahn Seminars NY/NJ/PA

Rob Kahn will be traveling to the NY/NJ/PA area in late January to do a series of seminars.

He will be at all his affiliated studios, but will have a few extra days if anyone would like to book Rob to host a seminar at their studio.

Rob is a Black Belt under Royce who will actually share all his knowledge.

I have been to many seminars from famous fighters who are more there just to talk with the group, than they are to instruct. Rob will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Contact me if you would like to set something up.

-Jeff Miller

Planet Jiu-Jitsu

book this man, right away

ttt for rob





we had him up in November and the material was immense.

it's crazy, rob actually stayed an extra 2 hours and rolled in a great open mat afterwards...

he's very submission oriented. very much a proponent of a STRONG offense... constant attack. pressure and attack.

he will teach a couple "flashy" moves that you can actually pull off in sparring, but he is big into showing alot of details to "meat and potatoes" moves that will increase the effectiveness of your move... you all know alot of hte moves... he just shows the fine details that ensure the submission...

Kosta has Neck-cranked the correct.

Can't wait to have Rob return to NJ next month


Awesome! Kahn's Jiu-Jitsu is incredible

Amen! You will not be disappointed.


Give your webmaster a call with the seminar info and your Florida teaching schedule.

Bookmark this now, the site is coming by the end of January...

Rob should have an interview up at his site.....



In PA?


If any schools in PA would like to host a Rob Kahn seminar, they just need to drop me an email.

Is he back from Florida?


He will be in the area for about a week.

Sorry if the above info was unclear

Joe, lol...

rob lives and teaches in Tampa... but he still represents up here by visiting VERY OFTEN... he was up here in upstate NY in november... and now this... he won't leave his boys hanging.

Kosta whats up bro? u gonna make it to RF8?

~Rich A.