Rob Kahn Seminars NY/NJ/PA

i'm married and she owns me... just bought a new house and have a new puppy coming this weekend... that, w/ work, and helping run the school, i'm pretty busy, but i want to, and it's far enough for me to plan for, so good chance...

i would love to take a trip down, but only if i fly in somehow.. It's in Wildwood or Atlantic City, right?

i want to see you serve freshness.

Kostas - just a warning, I think my house was about three months old when we got our puppy (now almost five and still hyper), and she chewed through walls, molding, doors, table legs, etc. Keep an eye on it!

Without fueling any internet stalkers, give me a hint where your new house is?

TTT for Rob.

hey if someone can give me the dates and places he will be at during that week. I would like to either attend a seminar or pass by where he is teaching I will e-mail Rob when I have a chance. Thanks. Someone in NYC should have him do a seminar.


i'm in stillwater, near mechanicville.

Rob Kahn will be at Hudson Valley Jiu-Jitsu on January 27th for a no-gi seminar

The school is located in LaGrange NY (right by Poughkeepsie) the cost is $35

For more information or to reserve your spot contact Brian McLaughlin


ttt - Brian, you moved i heard. Nice... hope it is working out better for you.

when and where r the seminares?will there b 1 at planet jiujitsu?i checked out the shoalin seminar there, it was great. i will make one of them.


yeah, planetjj and mclaughlin (in poughkeepsie area) are hosting seminars.

The seminar at my place will be from 7-10. Everyone should check out Planet Jiu-Jitsu also, Jeff's place is awesome.

Kosta, the seminar will be my first class at the new place. I think this location is going to be great.

i'll try and make both....

we all know the weather is going to get fuct up soon and travel will be less frequent...


i'm glad for you... are you still being subsidized?

I'm paying the same rent as before, but now that school is out I'm not getting any cash from New Paltz



Rob will be in Northern NJ tomorrow, and in NY Thurs-Sunday

Rob's seminars were awesome, major props to one of the best instructors around.