Rob Kaman - Instructionals?


I looking for a place where I can purchase the "Rob Kanam" instructional in North America.

I have found a site in the U.K. but I can't find any place on this side of the world. Does anyone know where in N.A.?



P.S. I am looking for instructionals on partner drills. Any other recommendation would be apprciated.

I have the Rob Kaman videos from panther productions, I think they are now named century vision, you can do a interent search and find them. I like Kaman as a fighter but the tapes are very slow and uses lots of slow mo over and over. They would be great just for a collection, if you are looking for partner drills I would look for Pat Milletich's training dvd's also from century vision, Awhile back the AFS academy was offering a dvd that was based on a chai seminar for $14.00, it is great stuff.
hope this helps.

Thanks Mongrel 911!!!!


Thanks Mongrel! We have the second one almost finished and I think that it will be even better than the first!


email me:

I have an option for you, if you can be trusted, about the Kaman tapes. 


Tampa Combat Club


LOL!! Gee, I wonder what he could mean? Hmmmmmmmm...

Careful JET, that kind of post can get you banned on here!


It means, I'd send him my tapes that I own and he can review them before he paid any money for his own... a good faith borrowing if you will.  Why would I get banned for that and what's wrong with offering him to borrow my tapes?  The tapes are good but slow, so I figure I'm doing the guy a favor so he can decide if they're worth the money or not. 

I just didn't give details because I didn't figure it was anyone's business and I didn't think anyone would give a shiz.


PS - the "if you can be trusted" part, was me hoping he'd actually send the tapes back to me.

It just sounded suspiciously like "tape trading", I think they call it. I don't know, but I've heard that some people actually trade copies of tapes or DVD's with eachother. That's what'll get you banned.

I got banned just for notifying people that I was selling a used DVD set that I had bought on ebay! So if THAT will get you banned...

I wondered.  I know you weren't being rude but I wasn't sure what the thought process was.  What's so bad with tape trading.... friends do that all the time, right?  I don't want to get banned over something ignorant like that. 

What a sensitive world.

Thanks for the heads up JKDFIGHTER.  BTW, I checked out your demo clip on your site.  SMOOTH!