Joe telling him how it is.

LOL at this situation!!!!!!!!!

Wowww Phone Post


Did not expect this at all.

What am I missing? Phone Post

 WTF is Joe doing?? Trying to start a riot?

If you are wearing straight up head phones, alot of those were "to the back of the head". Feel bad for the guy though. Phone Post

 I thought 2 or 3 of them were very close, one definitely hit the back of the head.

Fucked up my parlays too. What a fucking retard Yamasaki is!

How many times have we seen KO's from much more blatant shots to the back of the head and the result isn't changed? Vitor comes to mind.

Fucking bullshit.

And if Yamasaki is standing there admitting he is wrong why can't they change it? It's so stupid. Let the referee see the fucking replay before making a decision. Is that so horrible?

Even if it gets changed to a no contest later I'm still losing money because of his fuck up.

Yamasaki was 100% correct. I have no idea what Rogan was seeing. Very odd.

thesonsofmontana - What am I missing? <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

Erick Silva "won" the fight very quickly but Yamasaki called it a DQ and gave the win to Carlo Prater because he thought Silva was hitting the back of the head. While watching the replay Joe called out Yamasaki and interviewed him saying that all the shots looked legal to him. Yamasaki just said he thought he hit him in the back of the head, but seemed like he regretted calling it a DQ.

Just a crazy situation, awkward.

Absolute bullshit; a single hit to the back of the head.

I understand Prater's upset that he waited so long to get to the UFC and the fight lasted seconds; but that was a bullshit decision from a man I consider to be one of the best refs in the UFC

Worst ref ever. Worse than Mazagatti. I hope he gets fired. I had Silva in every parlay tonight because there was no chance he wasn't going to win. No chance except for the ref giving the victory away to his opponent. Fuck Mario Yamasaki.

 Well it was funny when Joe was watching the replay and said "that's a legal punch, that's a legal punch,. that's a legal punch" when at least one was clearly not.