Robbers In Ecuador Are Met With Swift Justice!

Just give em your money, they won’t hurt you!


Dang. I can only hope they both died and none of the bystanders/robbery victims did.


WTF, he got what he wanted, why start shooting. I hope everyone else is alight, and hope him firing the gun makes the punishment significantly worse for him

Looks like he missed his shots on the victims thankfully. Also it almost looks like the cop shot him point blank in the head/neck area which causes the initial fall but it’s hard to tell. Great Shogun soccer kick to the head afterward.

Unfortunately he leakin’.


Because compliance does not guarantee safety. People who commit these kind of atrocities aren’t like you and me. Criminal logic does not compute normal. Sometimes, you just wanna teach some homie a lesson or maybe you didnt like how they looked at you etc.

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Wow, completely missed that he shot him in the leg. I noticed the guy jump but didn’t see that at all.

Indeed. There have been countless robberies where they shoot the victims after to leave no witnesses or just because. “Just give them what they want!” No.

Ugh not so happy ending on this one: