Robbie/Duran Duran Rocked

Went to sydeny for the robbie concert. it was excellent, so many boobs flashed its not funny (i have pics to) also spent 3 days checking out the party scene in sydney, for a season vet i can say sydney night life is still as excellent as ever.

Tank has to be one of the best clubs ive been to for a long time. Also got to meet sophie falkner at the light brigade (god she is hot), and the recently done up place in the cross (i think its burbone and beef).

I gave sydney 10 thums up for the weekend they provided me.

ps. Sydney girsl are easy too
pps. was going to check out SPMA, but too hard!!!!

Go the Duranies! Any one that sported an 80's mullet can't be too bad. ...not that I would know,of course.

kezza that would be your era wouldnt it, im sure you had a mullet at some stage

MMmm... if only i had the guts to go a mullet again.

Worst haircut confessions: Prior to going Nude, and before that Fabio, but after my Mullet, I was blessed with a TELLUM- a reverse Mullet. Yes my fringe was easily 30cm long, often bright red and standing proud (I kept the gel industry alive during the early 90's). The downside to having a Tellum, whilst competing at the Uni games in Brisbane back in '93, one of my opponents actually stood on my fringe in order to hold me to the mat (he was/is a big bastard so I wasn't in any position to argue - various Oz Judoka may know him: Ray Matthews - and I actually bounced off him trying a hari-goshi).

Is that like sushi or something?

Kind of, with more salt.


You are right, Ray Matthews is a vBIG man. He was an auditing lecturer/tutor at the University I attended. Now that's a name I haven't heard in a while. Is he going for Greece?


cobras, you are right about tank bar, i used to go there when i lived in sydney. well that is when i was not to drunk to get in.

I'd doubt it, as I would guess he wouldn't have made it on the Olympic Team (he could be described as past his prime). His brother Greg is the Judo coach at Monash (and also kicks my arse): I've been trying to get Greg to come along to BJJ for ages now.

Another Ray Matthews Story/Urban Myth. At the same Uni Games ('93) he was walking past the shot put event, thought he would give it a try, and walked away with a Gold medal and new Uni Games record.

"Went to sydeny for the robbie concert. it was excellent, so many boobs flashed its not funny"

Well, thats different then. When I saw your thread title I was going to make some less than complimentary remarks in this thread. The boobs thing changed all that.

Cobras is king of boobs, no dissin him!

blue namer

Kez stll has the mullet

he keeps in his cupboard, waiting, no yearning for the revival.

Hey Dutch Law,

Ray and Greg Matthews are names from my long gone past! I trained judo under Greg from '89 to 91, & competed at the Uni Games in '91 (I think). We came Runners-up that year.

Ray & Greg are top blokes, and very accomplished judoka.

Please say, "Hi" to Greg for me.

Chris Shen

"Robbie W is a faggot and any man who went to his gay concert is one should be fucking ashamed of yourself"

chokemasta this sounds like that ranting of an ugly man who gets no action!!!!!!!!!!!

by the way how is someone like robbie gay when he has pumped more hot chicks then you and me will ever get, makes no sences to me....i think you go put your metallica or panterra album on put on your black jeans and jump around in a mosh pit bumubing into other sweaty men.........hmmmmmm who is the gay one now!!!!!!

how to make friends and influence people by cobras. Great book for the whole family

Chokemasta, sorry to break it to ya, but if you are gonna call artists gay, using tool as an example is a pretty lame idea, cos Maynard, the lead singer, is actually gay. so, uh, how bout you just go back to enjoying what you enjoy, and we can all do the same.

gumby1 well done son good comeback.

eggs on your face chokemasta, now thats rock and roll

***runs off to HVM to buy new hillary duff album*****


Yo chokemasta, you want me to lend you a shovel so you can dig yourself just a little bit deeper there? Its OK, your private time is private. you don't have to pretend you are a big macho dude for us, we understand.