Robert Allen Institute

I attended a free real estate seminar presented by a representative of the Robert Allen Institute the other night.

Before I get into details, Real Estate investing (flipping, rehabbing, etc.) is something I've been interested in and thinking about getting involved in for the last year or so. I've been doing research about it in my spare time the last six months or so

I had no idea what to expect at the seminar. It was two hours - first 10 minutes and final 15 minutes were a hard sell for you to take their education class that costs close to $3K. Middle 90 minutes were interesting and informative.

I didn't sign up for the course but was wondering if anyone ever has. If so, what did you get out of it? Have you made some $$ following the course? Was it a ripoff?

Also, any other advise about getting started in real estate investing would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for replies.

Well, 3k is a lot of money for a seminar. Ask yourself how long it would take you to learn the seminar information without going, and what you could do with 3k... Honestly I'd stay away from something that expensive. 3k is a lot of money compared with what you can get with some hardwork, a library card or from talking to someone who is already doing what you're interested in.

Not to piss on your parade, but seriously; the first thing that your post reminded me of was back in late 1999 and 2000 all those people flooding seminars; wanting to learn how to day trade stocks for a living.

The cynic that I am; if the seminar was really crowded, probably a better sign of a market top forming, than anything else.

Go to and enter his name and you will find some interesting stuff.

I went to the Robert Allen seminar. A friend of mine had paid for the program and it entitled him to come back anytime for free. Well I just borrowed his name tag and sat in. I am glad that I didn't pay 3k because I don't think it was worth it. While there was some good information and I did learn things, most of it was very general. There are many great books and audiotapes on the market that will teach you allot more for your money.

I hate to see things like this. I am currently working with a company called Nouveau Riche. This company is the first of its kind to partner real estate education with real estate acquisition. It is sad that only 1-2% of people who purchase real estate actually practice what they learn. They usually do not actually do real estate because of the fear of it. Nouveau Riche is the only company with a 20-25 milion dollar a month budget that buys pre-foreclosures, foreclosures, and new builds in highg appreciation, high cash flow areas. Also they 9 faculty members who have put educational materials together instead of 1 person. Anyone interested in real state education or acquisition should go to to see our franchise owners in 11 different cities, and then go to to see the opportunities. If you are interested after that email me at It doesn't matter where you live, we can figure things out if you like what you see.


Just a FYI, I have been working within my company for over a month now and have made 20 grand and am looking to buy a property in Vegas, Phoenix, or Atlanta through my company within the next two months. Just an update for people, thought you would like to hear how a fellow OG brother is doing.



I've been working with Marc Gleeman, but haven't signed up yet.

Great names, great minds LOL!!!

Jason Miller too, I'm from Alaska.
J ak

So you are looking at Nouveau Riche then? Congrats at taking a look at this opportunity. I have made 20 grand so far, looking to do 50-60 grand this month, and we are going to buy our first property within the next month hopefully in the Phoenix area, but we are looking for high equity a position so we can just flip the house and start to make our "break evens" (bills etc) before we set ourselves up doing two houses a month on either a one year or two year lease purchase. I would tell you to get involved as soon as you can. Ita a great opportunity that is going to have me and my dad retired within 5 years.


wow man that sounds pretty good 303, could you give some more info. I think i read they offer two types of programs? Real Estate and selling the info for selling? Could you pleas eexplain