Robert Emerson

When are we gonna see this kid in the big show ? he has sick skills and can bang with anyone !! cant wait to see him in the ufc !!

He's legit. HUGE for 155.

emerson has had some tough luck as far as decisions. he has fought
some really tough opposition and held his own. however, for him to get
into the "big" show (i.e. ufc, bushido), he is going to need to win against
top competition. the kid isn't far away at all, but thats what its going to

"emerson has had some tough luck as far as decisions."

I thought Emerson was on the wrong end of the decision against Melvin. He is a tough dude.

He just fought and won in a show in Japan not too long ago

Wiman managed to get in without a win against top comp. But all UFC heavies seem to take that path