Robert Malone suspended on GETTR

It appears his account has been suspended for not following rules. Anyone know why? I joined as an alternative to Twitter because they just ban willy nilly. I’m about to just end all my social media. This shit is ridiculous. The world has just gone crazy on both sides

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Idk, last post I see was an hour ago…

People getting banned from the freedom fest that is GETTR?



Maybe it is an account that wasn’t really his. How do I find his verified account?

Nothing on his substack yet but if it just happened there’s probably a delay.

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There was a fake Twitter account of Malone getting passed off as his. The account was posting all kinds of nonsense which made me think he was a loon. I’m not sure why Twitter allowed it to remain active. Unless maybe it was CIA or something.

GETTR is a joke


What makes you think he was suspended?

Fuentes too.
amazing how many people sign up for these sites