Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu Seminar - 5/2, Sterling, VA

Hey guys, just wanted to announce that we will be hosting Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu in a few weeks on May 2, 2009, at 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at Synergy MMA ( in Sterling, VA.

The cost is $60 for preregistration, $75 at the door.

If you don't know who he is, here are a couple of vids of him beating Demian Maia, and getting a sick sweep and then tapping Braulio Estima! Also, a highlight vid.

The guy is a monster, but one of the nicest, coolest guys you will meet. If the videos weren't enough, Cyborg is also a multiple time Pan American, Mundial, and Brazilian Championship medalist including several gold medals.

All are welcome, PM me or email us at for more info. You can get contact info, location, and our schedule at out website, Synergy MMA .


ttt for Cyborg


This guy is like a real life Michael Myers! A Jiu Jitsu nighmare come to life. I DEFINITELY will be at this man's school my next trip to florida!

i've been training under cyborg for the past year and he is awesome. if you live within 300 miles of this seminar and miss it you are crazy! ttt for cyborg!

thanks guys for the support. I am definitely looking forward to this one also.


ttt for the machine!

tell roberto you want to see some capoeira!

ttt for cyborg!

ttt, only one week left!

tell roberto you want to hear the story of how he won his wrestling championship. good stuff.

will do!




 How long is he in town for?

 Can't make it but have a blast guys!  TTT for Cyborg, Tony and DLR BJJ!

 . . . . Love, Ryan =)

Hey guys, tomorrow is the last day before the seminar. BattleFC: Cyborg gets here tomorrow and he will be teaching class at Synergy at 6:00 tomorrow night, but only for those registered for the seminar.

The seminar will be Saturday 11:00 - 2:00. He leaves Sunday evening. He is available for private lessons those three days also.