Robin Black is Back

 Robin Black is Back.

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back in your cupboard and in your gimp suit .
neat please bother me with something that matters . good luck in your upcoming endeavours robin !!! but are we sure marc has his facts right ??


You'll just have to listen to see if my facts were correct  :)

Guess some of the facts were correct. 

He should be nicknamed the crow.

Honesty - He should be nicknamed the crow.
Is that an ugly joke?? again.

 im is up with Giuseppe and Doerksen never comin around anymore. and just when i thought we had recruited Robin to the dark side, he disappears as well. Bastards

JKennedy - He's busy recording his next album. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at it. It's called:

Music to Butt Scoot To

I expect big sales!

 BOOOO lame joke....try again

 im so fucking bored!!

mmmm its steady, i just dont wanna do my job.

 So Robin + Janz.... 2 chubby chasers in a cage. Interesting....

 Ya i know what you mean...

 I think he is ducking us, I think it has just now kicked in what he has gotten himself into... Robin+Jon+Sean = BFF!!!! YAY!!!!!!

moemar is hard to understand when he talks cuz he always has his boyfriends cack in his mouth.  

No Robin without the Batman

Honesty - No Robin without the Batman

 You sir are a strange cat....

 He was out toque shopping today, trying to find the perfect toque for his Winnipeg adventure.

I'm sure he'll be on in the next few days.  He's also doing x2 the knuckle pushups a day in preparation.

I hope Janz is upping his also!

And just cause somebody loves fat chicks doesn't mean they are chasers.  The fatties chase you when you are bigtime.  Then you can pick the best/worst one, depending what your going for.

So I just casually mentioned to the wife that we should go to Winnipeg in around the end of November to visit her cousins, and right away she's like "Why what fights are on?"

LOL! Guess she knows me after 17 years!

Holy crap... I was gone for, like, 10 hours, and Kennedy and Quinn miss me like I'm their sexy Uncle... where to begin, where to begin...

JKennedy - 
SeanQuinn - 
Honesty - He should be nicknamed the crow.
Is that an ugly joke??

No an ugly joke would be:

He should be nicknamed Quinn

Here we have a classic no one will tire of: a Quinn is ugly joke.

Nice work.