Robin Gracie

Does anyone have information about his accomplishments in mma/BJJ etc? I heard the stories of him fighting the French guy but I am considering going to Barcelona to train with him and I was wondering how good he is?
Thanks in advance.






He had one pro fight in Spain that he won. He completed in an early abu dhabi and did pretty well, I think he won his division. He is a BB under his father Helio and brother to Royce and Rickson, what else do you want to know?

he got owned by Damien Riccio in a gracie style dojo challenge

I rolled with him at a Royce seminar in Italy and he played me like a kitten and tapped me about four times in 3 minutes. Then some judo blackbelt in attendance seemed offended that I, a white belt at the time, was paired with Robin and asked to roll and Robin played him like he played me. I am a blue belt now and am absolutely sure he could still do the same...given my credentials this probably means nothing to you, but I just felt like sharing. Hes a nice guy but doesn't speak much english at all. My horrible Spanish was far more effective than my English with him, but that's beside the point.

he speak very good french

Gracias hombres

sounds promising!!!

I saw his fight at La Noche de Los Desafios 1 - was awful quality with no sound, but he tooled his opponent pretty badly.

Didn't he lose to Eddie Ruiz in ADCC?

his fight with riccio is on dvd uncut right now. you can get it at tower
records for 19.99

Ultimate Combat 8, also Riccio issues a challenge to the Gracies and
tells his version of story.