"Robin:Screen Test"

Not usually big on these biopics, but this actor gets awfully damn close to Robin Williams.

He looks the part and sounds the part. But, in my opinion, that actor comes across as more feminine and flamboyant than animated and funny.

Robin Williams is a hard one to replicate.

Oh god no, a faggot RW?!

I’m sure he’ll be great in the role, but I genuinely don’t get this. Are there really enough people out there interested in watching an entire movie about Robin Williams that it will sell enough tickets to make money? Seems EXTREMELY niche to me.

I bet there is

They couldn’t find a black person or a tranny to play this part…? I’m offended!

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EDIT: my bad, found out that actor is American.

There aren’t many people that would be more difficult to impersonate than robin williams. I honestly thought this guy kinda killed it.