Robinson-LaMotta part 6 ESPNcl

Amazing fight. These guys are both freaks-- Robinson
with freaky conditioning and skills, as well as
unrelenting determination to dominate-- and LaMotta,
who must be made of steel. Robinson is teeing off
BIG TIME on him, combo after combo of full-body
hooks, rights, and uppercuts, and LaMotta still keeps
coming forward and punching.

I'm convinced that the only hits that could knock out
Jake LaMotta would also be hard enough to crack his
skull and kill him. And he lived to be an old man
after these beatings!

Lamotta was winning that fight on all 3 cards through 10. It really doesnt deserve the "massacre" label

Jake is still alive. I see him once in a while strolling
around the East 50s. He is still recognized and he
loves the attention.

Jake was a great fighter, one of my favorite all time

Raging Bull is one of the best boxing books I've ever read

I've always heard that he was short for a middleweight, described as being only 5'8" (though that could always mean 5'7" or smaller)with small, womanly hands. But looking at any film, or even photos, you can see that he had a big heavyweight head on his shoulders. IMO it's the reason he could take such a good punch and I'm not surprised that he fought some heavyweights during his career; I doubt they could hurt him much either.

the slurring might come from all the drugs too