Robinson whining on TUF was embarrassing

How can you say with a straight face Felipe clearly won either round? I scored both for Hayder but wouldn't argue if someone said Felipe squeaked out the second.

To say Felipe clearly won either round is biased and to whine to the ref about grabbing the fence after the fight was a joke. I'd like to see any fence grab be an automatic deduction but that isn't the rules.

Then he goes to locker room and insists they won the fight because "you took the man down twice." He wouldn't even give Hayder credit when he won the first fight (Nakahara) in under a minute by KO and said his guy would win 9 out of 10.

Then the previews show him jumping on the cage in a future fight saying the decision or something was "fucking bullshit" and also in a parking lot seemingly making a big deal and complaining about something else.

He seems like a rich guy who is used to buying whatever he wants and throws a fit if he doesn't get it. Phone Post 3.0

Hi Mr. Lambert.... lol naw it was pathetic how can your guys learn from defeat if you tell them they won when they clearly didn't he took Hayder down twice but how many takedowns did Hayder stuff? At least 9 right? Phone Post 3.0

nobody watches TUF anyways.

I had it 1-1, a tie.

BUT Hayder pushed forward more I guess. Wasn't a rob.