robson moura cross guard ?

I remember an old thread on here about this, but I cannot get to it.

Can anyone describe how Moura plays his no gi bottom game? His cross guard stuff on the Fusion series is bad-ass, but it's getting harder and harder to find people willing to play gi in my area.

I think that I recall someone saying that he keeps the foot in the arm pit, but grips the leg control with both arms?


I think Andre is the one that did the write up, but I would interested in that as well...

I did a private with him on this last year.

He spins his body and gets both arms around the leg that he would normally underhook with one arm if it was gi.

From there he can get many of the same things he does with gi. If they posture he can get that foot under the arm pit and push away while switching one hand to a wrist grab on that side arm.

Really hard to explain everything he did from there. Still goes for the arm bar all of the time when they grab his opposite knee. He said his first goal was the arm bar.

But gripping that leg with a tight two arm grip like a bear hug forced them to try and escape and that was when he could set other things.

He is sitting next to me. If you would like to ask him yourself or set up a private call or email

Thanks John

I can confirm that he does indeed go for that armbar from the cross-guard even in no-gi: he did it to me last week.

 I just bought his Fusion set today. It's the first and only instructional I have ever bought in 12 years of BJJ. Andre's write up and the YouTube teasers sold me.

If I don't like it, I expect a full refund from Andre.

Is there any video of him using this or some one using his style of cross guard?

No there is nothing on youtube that shows me using the Robinho Cross Guard in competition. I use it all the time in training and competition but I am not aware of any videos online. You should check DVD series.

I under hook the inside leg and grip the wrist and the do the exact same positions as with the gi.

Let me know any more specific questions.


as told to john graybeal

sounds like a good position but i cant really see how it is

yea a video would be really good help to see how it really works

I first met Robson maybe a year and a half ago. He was this little guy who was just sitting in the corner when I got to the gym. Our instructor said he was a many time world champion and was going to teach class that night.

The class was great and after class Robson rolled with everyone. There were 12 of us in the class. Robson played cross guard the entire time and proceeded to tap everyone from that position.

The first guy was a purple belt about 40 lbs bigger than Robson and he caught him in the arm bar from cross guard in maybe 20 seconds. I saw what he did so I kept my arm in and he just switched to an omaplata and tapped me. I thought I did pretty well because I lasted a minute or so.

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