Robson x Parrumpinha - Word Jiu-Jitsu Expo

The World Jiu-Jitsu Expo announced another great match!

Just with the two matched announced so far, it's already more impressive than Metamoris...

YYYEEEESSSSSSS! Parrumpa is such an awesome guy and his bjj is incredible. He's such a nice dude but when he competes he's freakin crazy man. Phone Post 3.0

This will be awesome Phone Post 3.0

....awesome Phone Post 3.0

Awesome match up. Have to go with Robson.

Rooooobson! Phone Post 3.0

Another awesome match up! I'm backing Parrumpinha for the win!

Sweet! I trained with Parrumpinha years ago, but never with Robson.  Should be fun to watch.

My coach will be ready and this will be a great match!

Holy shit Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the words guys, I'm honored to be remembered and invited for an event this big. Really exited to put up a good show for all of you. Thanks for the support! Phone Post 3.0

War parrumpa!! Phone Post 3.0

A Parrumpinha highlight for the uninitiated:

What an awesome match! Go Robinho!!! Phone Post 3.0