ROC Proving Grounds 8/22 results?

 Anybody know who won or have a link?

Not a single site Ive been to covered the event or posted the results.


Jesus, I didn't even know about it.

 Its like I made the thing up. NO RECORD OF IT. has it listed as hasnt happened yet.

Am I losing my mind?

 If you guys would visit my site every once in awhile you would be informed. 

I'm not even linking back to it. Find it yourselves, along with the complete results of last night's fights.


 BTW, I knew about it, then forgot.  So I missed it too.

 I checked your site 10 times between last night and noon today.

Were you daydreaming about guys or something?


 Oh shit, I just got totally sat the fuck down by Helwig.  I seriously feel like such a dick right now, lol.

162.8 Tom Grisham vs. 161 Mike Zamzam

Ref Wagner

Zamzam win via unanimous decision three rounds, all three judges 30-27

174.8 Jose Que vs. 172.8 Peter Gallagher

Ref Wagner

After 3 rounds, the result is a Split Draw.

Judge Rodriguez 28-28, Judge Olson 29-28 Gallagher, Judge Oliver 29-28 Que

162 Damon Alfau vs. 163 Aaron Freedman

Ref Wagner

Freedman win via rear naked choke at 1:14 of round one

187 Mike LaBelle vs. 189.9 Anthony D’Amario

Ref Carolei

LaBelle win via straight knee bar at 1:04 of round one

174 Dále Menendez vs. 171 Juan Hernandez

Ref Carolei

Hernandez win via straight knee bar at 2:41 of round one

Hernandez suspended 25 days for being Five minutes late to rules meeting

Menendez suspended until orthopaedic clearance of right knee

173 Villi Bello vs. 173 Frank Oyague

Ref Peterson

Oyague win via guillotine at 1:58 of round three

207 John Xavier vs. 209.8 Chris Howard

Ref Carolei

John Xavier via KO punch at 0:14 of round one

Howard suspended 30 days and needs CT head scan

139.8 John Passantino vs. 141 Ryan Castillo

Ref Peterson

Castillo win via guillotine at 0:49 of round one

176 Phil Cornelius vs. 172.8 Danny Millet

Ref Wagner

Cornelius wins unanimous decision three rounds, all three rounds 30-27

175 Carlos Patrick vs. 170 Eddie Lenoci

Ref Peterson

Lenoci wins via triangle choke at 2:29 of round one

"If you guys would visit my site every once in awhile you would be informed."

you have a site?