Rocco Doesn't Like ScreenName Bet

Silva by K.O. rd.1   sounds good to me.

"Silva by K.O. rd.1 sounds good to me."

Email sent to Kirik.

Rocco will bump for last time. If no word, I am still:

Kirik said to email him in 30 days. Not sure what he means by that but I will do it and let you know when he changes my S/N. Sorry he won't do it now (not sure why). I can forward the email to you if you want.

OK looks like he changed it after all. I guess he meant email him when the bet is over. All good.

My two weeks are up right?

2 weeks are up , but next time we do a year. Live life on the edge.

Want to do Matt Hughes vs. GSP? I like Hughes.

I will do it for a year , or less if you so choose. GSP by decision.

Hehe, no year man. You can look for someone else for a year if you want, I won't mind. I will do a month if you want though.

I love Matt but I know GSP is dangerous. And you never know what might happen in any fight. What if Matt misses his country breakfast that morning? Could spell disaster. that's where Silva KO Rd 1 came from....I knew it was a bet....

LOL. Yeah it was my first s/n bet and I lost :( I didn't realize how much people were going to ask me what my previous s/n was either.

A month it is then. Prepare to be  "GSP's Ballsack"  lol. good luck either way.

All right it is on. I think I'll have to name you something along the lines of "country breakfast" if Matt wins. Good luck man!

Considering I am a bit of a redneck anyway, country breakfast would be letting me off easy.

Well hopefully I can think of something better when/if Matt wins. I am not that creative with this kind of stuff. Maybe "Hughes loses again" Not sure if people would get it.

I think it was a bullshit stoppage but I lost so name me.

Lol @ BS stoppage.  How about "GSP eats country breakfast"

Let me know for the next card , but Im not taking Tito.

TTT Who else is on the next card? I have to win one of these sometime...