Rochester NY Seminar's

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday Ze Mario Esfiha will be conducting t 3 hr seminars in Rochester Ny.
The first Seminar is on Saturday at Atlas Gym 42 Nichols st, Spencerport. Cost 50 per person. The second seminar is at Samurai Marial arts on Sunday at 10:00am till 1:00pm, they are located at 1512 Spencerport Rd, contact # is 585-314-6979.

Come by and train with a worldclass fighter.

Vince at

Is Alexandre Grandao Dantas still in Rochester?

Don't miss this opportunity to train with a knowledgable BJJ Blackbelt and genuine good guy, Esfiha! His seminars and classes are fun, humbling and entertaining. Don't miss out!

Also check out Peloton BJJ. They are a great bunch of guys to train and hang out with .... but avoid the Dinosaur BBQ despite what Paul says ;)

for regular training (not just a weekend), check out Kyle Saunders' school. he is a Roy Harris brown belt, so he is the real deal. his website is

Hey MikeSwainFan, no disrespect to Kyle, but he isn't a World Champion Black Belt! And this post wasn't meant to step on any toes!!! Rochester area bjj was given an opportunity to train with a black belt!!! Everyone who attended received their money's worth!!
Thanks again to Paul and the guys at samurai for the hospitality. Looking forward to coming down agian!!




i did not mean to step on your disrespect was intended and i apologize if any offense was taken...sincerely,


For the record I've never met Mr. Saunders and that was totally an unsolicited recommendation from me and me alone. I've just heard good things about him from a lot of folks. But you are right, he is not a World Champion bjj bb. Period...Peace...


MikeSwainFan, thanks for the support! Esfiha is very good, so no doubt people had a good time.

- Kyle

"But you are right, he is not a World Champion bjj bb"

Yet! :)

& TTT for Esfiha!

Kyle, thanks for the props for Esfiha, he was aksing how you were doing. Maybe next time we are down we can hook up.



Kyle, send me a email whenever u have a chance...

thank u guys...

Good luck to Kyle and Esfiha at the Ontario Submission Wresting Invitational III.

For those that don't know this is an event that will be happening Saturday December 4th at the Cathedral High School in Hamilton Ontario (less than an hour away from the Buffalo, NY border).

There is an Open Grand Prix and superfights:

Grand Prix

-Rowan Cunningham

-Jordan Damon

-Justin Bruckman

-Henri Matamoros

-Kyle Sandford

-Kyle Saunders

-Cory McDonald

-last entry ?


-David Aguzzi X Nik Miskovic

-Ze Mario Esfiha X Rodrigo Munduruca

-Ken Kronenburg X Sean Pierson

For more info contact Riccardo Ammendolia at

Good Luck in the open grand prix, Kyle!


To all the guys at the seminars in Rochester thanks again!! Esfiha and I had a great time. If you are ever interested in coming up to train we are only 25 to 30 minutes from the Buffalo Border. And we are only 15 minutes away from the Niagara Falls NY border.

Come out and check us out.