Rocinha BJJ Project X-mas Party

On 12-29-04 Team Casca-Grossa  was able to provide a Christmas party and gifts at McDonalds to about 30 kids and staff of the rocina jiu jitsu project . This  was a coordinated effort with the project instructors and mentor: Tata, Baby, Montanha and Merreca and our very generous sponsors BIZ,HEAD BLADE, HOT BLOOD, Torah, MMA.TV, NAGA, On The MatFight Party and attendees of the 3rd annual CASCA-GROSSA GRAPPLING TOURNAMENT.
Your generosity to this worthwhile project is appreciated and we hope that this is a start of a great tradition for the children of this project.
Please support our sponsors that are able to make these contributions to our community
We wish you a great 2005!
Team Casca-Grossa

Carol, JJ, Tata, Merreca, Baby and Montanha

Montanha, Merreca, Baby, Tata, JJ and Carol

Giving the gifts after they ate

More gifts

Kids playing with their Happy Meal toys after they ate.


TTT for a good cause! We have a picture in our house from the Rocinha Project, showing the kids jumping around and laughing. Whenever I get bummed about BJJ or stuff in general, it always puts everything in perspective. I am a teacher and as a BJJ'er, it has, obviously, always been a goal to visit/train in Brazil. Now it is also my goal to visit Brazil and check out the Rocinha school and meet the kids and instructors.


contact me when you go, and I'll put you in contact with them. Someone will take care of you in regards of taking you to the school and those kids love when there is someone visiting the school.

 They are currently in process of moving to another location and we are raising money for moving and some refurbishing expenses they may need. For any donation or to purchase a postcard or a t-shirt go to

 Thanks for your comments; it is really nice to know that more people are interested in the program. It help us put things in perspective and be grateful for what we have.

I was very happy to be able to provide them with this small Christmas party. Unfortunately all kids could go, but I left gifts for all of them, which was a simple back to school kit with pencils, eraser, sharpener, ruler, scissors, etc; not much but useful for them.

We could tell they were pleased and happy and that made me feel so good after a long year.

I hope you have a chance to go to Brazil soon and stop by to visit them.



Thanks for the info, and I will definitly contact you if my dream
comes true and I get to go to Brazil :) Keep up the good

TTT for Rocinha!