Rocinha Project at The Showdown

Good day to all,

Just an FYI that there will be a table in support of the Rocinha Project at The Toronto Showdown.

JiuChick will be on this thread to explain more and please, PLEASE, think about ways you can help out. It's a great cause for those who are ALOT less fortunate than us. The project makes a difference more ways than we can think and read about.


Joe Ferraro

thanks joe! i'll be posting more details soon

ttt for showdown

Sounds good. Lookin forward to the details.

Like Joe said, there will be a Rocinha Project table at the Toronto Showdown. We will be selling t-shirts, patches, hats, postcards, and tank tops. We will also be selling two dvds, 'Scar Tissue' from OTM and 'Southern Cali Pro-am Invitational' from Grapple TV.

So please come by the table to check it out or just to say hi.

For more information, go to or email me at





What about the baked goods? They were a hot item at OSWI II!

Those baked goods were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey if anyone is up for baking some goods, be my guest, i'll gladly sell them for the project....just too hard to organize enough ppl to bake for it :)

Baked goods rule