Rocinha Project Funraiser Dec 6th!

"The Ontario Submission Wrestling Invitational will be hosting a table to
support the Rocinha Project on December 6th, 2003. Not only is this event
showcasing some of Canada's top bjj fighters, but it's also helping out a good
cause. The Rocinha Project is a fundraiser that was started to help buy gis
for children in the favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jiu jitsu is
offered to the children of Rocinha for free, with the requirement that they
stay in school. These children come from very poor families who often cannot
afford to even put a gi on a child's back. Jiu jitsu not only promotes
education, but also helps keep children off the streets out of a life of drugs
and crime.

The following is a price list of what will be sold at the event, and keep in
mind that if you buy 2 or more items, you get a free postcard.

*Big patch $10.00
*Tank top $15.00
*Black T $25.00
*White T $20.00
*Casca Grossa T $25.00
*Postcards of the Rocinha Children $5.00

For more information, or to see the above items, you can go to

If you have any questions, feel free to email Yael at


Sounds great!

Excellent idea Rick. I'll support that.


Thanks Rick, you're awesome.

and thanks in advance to everyone for supporting Rocinha.

On a side note, if anyone from the Toronto area is planning to go to the event earlier and wouldn't mind giving me a ride there, i'd really appreciate it....I have to set up the table for this fundraiser.


On Monday I had to turn down a chance to go there(Rochina) and train for an afternoon but I had made prior. A few of my buddies from the US went and said it was great. They were really welcome and got a chance to train with TATA a ??145KG black belt,,WOW thats big!!His side mount taps you out they said!! I plan on making a trip there soon. Great fundraiser to support!!!


jiu chick i can't attend on the 6th, have to write exam, but if there is anything you need help with, i'd be glad to.



Hey Liborio1,

Very, very nice.....

Everyone should support!!!


Ronin MMA.

Is it really necessary to have 5 threads all side by side, about the same topic? I'm thinking 1 would suffice.

Rowan is so correct


ttt for Rocinha Project!

Great work by Meow. :-)

you certainly have my support!

Sorry NOT LETTUCE, I dont mean to take up thread space but the more threads I put will hopefully give more exposure to my event and hopefully that will be more people to chear you or Claude on during your matchup!

I shall speak to you in private about this!

and in closing..."Bolo" "Go!"

you can also get the Casca Grossa T-shirt or the postcards to help support the project from our web site:Team Casca Grossa
For All your fight needs!

awesome cascagrossa!