Rock and Roll Express MARK OUT!

A buddy and me were at an old WCW house show back in the day watching The Freebirds (Garvin, Hayes, and valet Little Richard Marley) vs. The Rock and Roll Express. Now we always cheered for the heels and we were in a sea of 14 year old girls with bandana's and spiked hair. It was enemy territory.

At the end of the match The Birds were pissed off they lost and beat up Rock and Roll with a chair. Then they proceeded to pick up Little Richard Marley and launch him off their shoulders onto the downed Ricky morton and Robert Gibson.

We were in tears! It was one of the funniest things I've ever saw in my life! All the girls around us were screaming and crying and freaking the fuck out that their heros were getting beat down. This in turn made us laugh all the more and my friend yelled over across the guard rail to an inbred, bandana clad girl "It's the day the music died!!! R&R sucks!"

The girl SNAPPED. She came at us with an evil squint in her eyes. She jumped at us and starting swinging all the while screaming FUCK THE FREEBIRDS!

Even the guys in the ring stopped to laugh.

Any others have people mark out big time near them at shows?

LMFAO!!! I wish I could have seen that shit. lol, sounds hilarious.


To the top with you.

It'd be cool to be a heel back in the day, back when you could draw true, hateful heat. It would be hilarious to have old ladies trying to get a piece of you.

LOL! Beautiful.


Just as a point, Jimmy Garvin didn't join the Freebirds until 89, that was after the RnR's big run.

I saw this match around 1990/91. I think it was right before Ricky Morton combed his hair and joined The York Foundation.

About 8-10 years ago I was with some friends at a WCW house show in Columbus Ohio. I don't remember much about it other than the fact that Marcus Bagwell was appearing in one of the tag team matches. At the time, he was a part of some nauseating pretty-boy glam team. Needless to say, I too rooted for the heels.

Before the match starts up, Marcus is trying to generate some cheap "I like Ohio rednecks" heat and me and my friends (we had ringside seats) started chanting "PILEDRIVE BAGWELL, PILEDRIVE BAGWELL!!!!" Marcus stops what he's doing.... looks over at us.... and starts clapping his hands together and joining in on the chant!!!!

I turned into a Bagwell mark after that.