Rock Band

From the latest issue of Game Informer:

* supports 4 players: vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer

* for vocals - lyrics scroll across the screen; it seems to have a decent mechanism for detecting if you sing the actual words

* guitar is a 3/4 replica of a Fender Stratocaster (doubles as guitar and bass) but the Explorer control from GH2 will work as well; the fretboard is clear so you can see the stage and performance; there are now two sets of fret buttons - a new series of [same colored] fret buttons are closer to the strum bar for solos

* you can customize your own character

* the drums are a color-coded four piece set w/a kick pedal

* there are over 40 stages to play in

* you can do career mode in either guitar or drums (not bass)

* multiplayer online

* no word on pricing (see expensive $$$)

initial track listing:

"Say It Aint So" - Weezer (original master track)

"Paranoid" - Black Sabbath

"Won't Get Fooled Again" - The Who (original master track)

"In Bloom" - Nirvana (original master track)

I'll look for some pics later and post.

I'm excited about this game.  I've been rocking Guitar Hero 2 for about a month and thoroughly enjoy it.  The cool thing is that while guitar hero skills don't translate to a real guitar, they claim that drum skills in Rock Band should translate to a real set of drums for the most part.  If that's true, it would be pretty neat to learn how to play an instrument while enjoying video game time.

can't wait

One big potential concern - I had read somewhere that 3/4 of the songs were "garage-band" level, there were only a few licensed songs.

Given that that makes no sense to me (i.e., no one would buy a game with a ton of songs they don't know), can anyone confirm that?

i've wondered about this. if they add cymbals to the drum controller, that could very well be the best way to learn the real drums.

no bass career mode? bassists always get the shaft...

edit: never mind.. no additional pads for cymbals

I'm really stoked for this game!

I imagine I'll play guitar and my wife will play drums. We'll be like a modern Sonny and Cher. Or maybe Johnny and June?

yeah im curious to see the set list for the game

I will be drumming my ass off

GAmespot has a "bundle" preorder for 199.00. If thats all it will cost this game will be awesome.

Wow, looks like that XBox mech simulator with the 50 button control just got replaced as the most expensive required control peripheral ever....

Considering early reports had the guitar at 80.00, bass at 50.00, drums at 100.00, and mike at 30-40.00, I'll take the bundle.

they're gonna have a separate bass peripheral?

Whatever happend to that Xbox Mech Simulator?

Dunno - they still sell for ~$200 on Ebay, last I heard, and it still had a pretty devoted (though of course very small) set of clans that duked it out on Live. That one aspect of the MP - having your save file deleted if you were killed before hitting the "Eject" button - is pretty hardcore, and apparently it appeals to some folks....

Actually the controller is awesome for computer games too.