Rock climbing without using hands

To be more precise, he doesn’t use his hands to grab onto the rock face.



super cool

that was awesome

This guys calves must be like stone holy shit ,the pain on your calves and legs must be nuts.

White supremacy on full display. What a piece of garbage. Women and children are dying and his tip toing in his jordans. What a pos

Thought it would be a gimmick or troll thread but he’s actually climbing just using his legs!

Wonder what he could climb if he also used his hands.

Looks like if he slipped however, he’d totally shred his knees on the ledges he’s stepping on. Well, I certainly would…

Literally, he’s part goat

Cool to see this on the OG. That’s only possible on fairly easy climbs but it’s still takes lots of precision and balance. Falling on slab is horrendous.

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I couldn’t climb what he did with all my limbs

This is how I would teach people to ice climb. Crampons and no ice tools.
It builds a far better base and builds comfort.

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His quads, too, and he doesn’t seem to have that typical lanky rock climber build. He looks like an average guy you’d meet in a pub.

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Any competent climber could climb that 5.4 - 5.5 slab boulder the same way. As well as many non-climbers.

Not impressed.