Rock paper scissors... gun (cop smokes weirdo who assaulted good Samaritan)

Sacramento, California — On September 7, 2021, at approximately 9:54 p.m., officers from a regional allied agency responded to a call from a 72-year-old female victim who stated that her grandson, later identified as 26-year-old Darren Napolean Stone, assaulted her, forcibly removed her from her vehicle and drove away with the car leaving her in the street. Officers arrived and rendered aid to the victim until fire arrived and transported her to a local area hospital for treatment of a possible arm fracture. This incident was not known by the Sheriff’s Office Communications Center or responding deputies at the time of the incident. Approximately 9 minutes later on September 7, 2021, at 10:03 P.M., the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center received a call from a resident on Maple Glen Road in Sacramento County stating that someone crashed their automobile into a ditch outside their home. The caller explained that an elderly member of their household went out to check on the only person inside the disabled vehicle and was physically assaulted as Stone exited the car in an attempt to leave the scene.

Stone then began walking southbound on Maple Glen Road. Fixed video evidence at the scene shows that Stone entered onto the porch of another residence and attempted to open the front door but it was locked. He then left the porch, picked up a large river rock from the yard and returned to the porch, rang the doorbell and appeared to wait for someone to answer the door. After a few minutes when no one answered the door, he left with the rock in his hand. He walked off the property and continue southward on Maple Glen. At this same time, the first deputy arrived on Maple Glen driving north in a marked sheriff’s patrol SUV. The deputy saw Stone that matched the description given by the original caller walking down the street towards the patrol vehicle on the passenger side of the SUV. The deputy stopped and called out for Stone to stop. He ignored the command and kept walking down the side of the SUV. The deputy got out of his vehicle continuing to give commands as he walked down the driver’s side until both met at the back. Darren Stone, with the rock, struck the deputy in the head causing him to fall to the ground. Stone then immediately engages the deputy in a physical fight as he is on the ground.

The deputy, as he is on the ground, fires his duty weapon five times; Stone continues to assault the deputy through the gunfire. After rounds hit Stone, he disengages from the fight. Additional deputies arrived on scene and rendered aid to Stone until fire arrived and transported him to an area hospital for treatment. He remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition. Sheriff’s Office Detectives, Internal Affairs, Crime Scene Investigators, the California Department of Justice OIS Team and the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office Investigators responded to the scene and initiated an officer-involved shooting investigation. Upon release from the hospital, Stone will be booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on multiple felony charges. Officials said Stone is well-known to regional law enforcement and will be booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on multiple felony charges once he’s released by the hospital. The officer who shot the suspect is an 11-year veteran who has worked for the sheriff’s office since 2010. He was taken to a medical center for treatment for a concussion and is expected to make a full recovery. The officer has been placed on administrative leave according to the office’s policies and procedures.

And his name is stone!

Where were you on that one Fido?

It’s be hard not to snap his arms off as I was putting cuffs on him.

Good shoot.

It’s a shame the cop didn’t finish him off.

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shoulda told the ambulance to take the long way there

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I thought K-9 cops had a remote to open their backdoor to let them out for times like this?

Don’t bring a rock to a gunfight.


Nothing would of made me happier than that dog getting out and mauling that drain on society.

I bet that k9 was going apeshit

This happened pretty close to my work. I was on days off at the time. Not uncommon for the area. Had a triple homicide across the street about 6mo ago as well. Sacramento is a pile of shit. I can’t wait to leave this damn place.