Rock-paper-scissors in Russia


Wokda, paper, scissors...

. Phone Post 3.0

frederic - Wokda, paper, scissors...

Ha ha. With a touch of SLAP

Yeah some of those slaps were hard.

Haha holy fuck some of those were hard Phone Post 3.0

I love them both. A couple of nice boys having a little honest fun.

Guy on the right spun the other guy's head around with the full-on palm slaps. Phone Post 3.0

"It's the ones that don't make a loud slapping sound that really hurt, Joe."

The skinny guy was like standing up to slap and going way harder than the other dude. That would be annoying lol I'm surprised it didn't escalate.

Other dude was basically out.

Fucking vodka. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah skinny dude was definitely cheating a bit by getting some leverage. Phone Post 3.0