ROCK update "no pics" sorry

ROCK is doing fucking AWESOME Mean as fuck but AWESOME. Eating worms like crazy. Looking for the link to TheSnakePage Now...

He's mean? Have you been handling him at all?

Ive had my head up my g/f's ass and not spending much time with ROCK.
He pans his head out just about everytime I go to pick him up.

You have a rock python eating worms? Huh?

No.. Found him under a rock... So I named him ROCK..


So what is ROCK?


I've actually had a little exp with wc garters and yeah they were as mean as anything.

To feed them, i'd take some cheese cloth down to a creek and scoop up a bunch of minnows. Throw them in a 10 gal. and It'd feed a garter for a couple of weeks eaisly.