Rockets lose on...

Bullshit call on yao in over time, he fouls out.

That was a bad call, but their lack of experience and turnovers killed them at the end.

yes it was abs call but in that situation Yao needs to understand to just let the guy go by him and give up the basket to stay in the game. Too many players do not understand that

Houston inability to score was just plain silly. They were jump shooting all over the court.

ptm is correctish

The last play of the game when the rockets had the ball right before the end of regulation was horrendous.

They should have went with a "screen and roll" instead of Francis dribbling out the clock, then trying to make a move past 5 defenders in the paint.

I hate that Steve Francis iso play...they run it every time they have a last possesion. He'll only pass it like 5% of the time, and only score less than 10% of the time. Francis just isn't a clutch player, so i don't understand why JVG repeatedly runs this play.

francis is a fucking goofball