Rockhold and Bisping battling on twitter again

michael@bisping24 mins

I remember calling me out. Maybe after his fight on Saturday we can settle this??


Luke Rockhold@LukeRockhold11 mins

I recall telling me to win a fight before calling him out! Hmmmm


michael@bisping9 mins

I've won many fights.


Luke Rockhold@LukeRockhold7 mins

me too and Tim was one of them


michael@bisping27 secs

so now after calling me out all that time you don't want to actually back it up? Yeah thought so.

Luke Rockhold@LukeRockhold3 mins

I'm never opposed to but first I have business sat. I'm out



well best of luck. Maybe we talk after Saturday.


Lol Phone Post 3.0

oh no, not this again!

Bisping is well past his prime, I think.

He'll likely be thrown a title shot soon if he beats a can, due to his loyalty. Phone Post 3.0

BURN! Lol Phone Post 3.0

Zzz Phone Post 3.0

I'd actually like to see this fight. At least you know that Rockhold won't just take him down and do nothing. Phone Post 3.0

Would be a fun match but I dont know if it makes sense if luke wins at the weekend Phone Post 3.0

Rockhold smashes Bisping.

But the fight still makes sense from a business perspective and would be a smart move by Rockhold.

Weidman has to go through Machida, then Vitor. Jacare is ahead of Rockhold at this point too and Romero is a guy the UFC may want to push rapidly because of his Olympic medal.

Rockhold may as well keep busy with a relatively easy, high profile fight and then see what his options are afterwards.

Rockhold knocks his head clean off. Phone Post 3.0

disbeliever - Grown men arguing over twitter lol's painful to read. Just talk trash on the UG you bronis! Phone Post 3.0

Tavares and Bisping are talking on twitter and want to fight each other, both coming off loses.

zuffa loves this stuff, anything that gets fans talking about/hyping future matches = $$$$$$$$$$$

Rouseys mole - Luke has a huge cock Phone Post 3.0
Yup lol Phone Post 3.0

Rockhold/Bisping and Boetsch/Kennedy would have made the most sense from a ranking perspective, but obviously that can't happen now.

I still wanna see Luke and Mike go at it, but it seems unlikely to happen anytime in the next year unless Bisping wins one or two more fights. Rockhold will be shooting for a contender fight if he wins against Boetsch. Phone Post 3.0

God Luke is not the guy right now Mike he's just not the guy you need to fight Phone Post 3.0

Like would finish. Phone Post 3.0

Rouseys mole - Luke has a huge cock Phone Post 3.0
Really huge. Phone Post 3.0

I wild each it Phone Post 3.0

Luke won that TFC battle 30-27 Phone Post 3.0