Rockhold describes "hellish" camp

For Luke Rockhold, big win feels surreal after "hellish" training camp

None of us would have guessed it from the way he fought Saturday night against Lyoto Machida, but presumptive new number one contender for the middleweight world title Luke Rockhold had one of the worst training camps of his life leading up to his FOX UFC Fight Night main event contest. "I had a horrible training camp. This was brutal," he tells FOX Sports Monday morning.

"It sucked. My body finally came around at the last second. I couldn't use my left hand for a lot of camp. I sprained a knuckle and then changed the way I punched because of it. Because of the way I punched, then, I hurt my hand. I also sprained my big toe on my right foot. So, I didn't have my left hand or my right foot, fully. I was so limited in so many ways, this camp. I cut my head multiple times, and then I got bronchitis. It was a hellish training camp."

It certainly sounds like it. Despite all that, Rockhold dominated Machida on the ground, Saturday, and finished him with a rear naked choke. 

Rockhold was confident heading into the fight, promising the world that he could do exactly what he ended up doing. Even the Santa Cruz fighter has to admit that the dominant win was shocking.

"It definitely feels surreal to have gone in there and gotten the job done the way I did," he allows.

"But I knew I was going to do what I did. I felt sloppy on the feet, honestly. I could have done much better, there. But I was very confident in my ground game. I knew that I would be that much better than him, there. I feel that I'm one of the best guys out there with my control."


Just spoke with Luke an hour or so ago and wrote this up. More coming tomorrow or Wed from him


'I got bronchitis!!!' Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, that shit is no fun...I've had it.

Maybe, but if I were him I wouldn't have spent much time on forums between Saturday night and Monday morning wondering what excuses anonymous fans were making for Machida haha

Aka seems like they need to chill out on the camp intensity. Lotta injurys during their camps Phone Post 3.0

Brigham - 'I got bronchitis!!!' Phone Post 3.0

"ain't nobody got time for that!"