Rockhold expects to defend belt against Kennedy

On a chat with TATAME, the champion revealed he hopes to fight Tim Kennedy, in January.

“I think Tim Kennedy is out there, and from what I’ve been told, that’s probably my next fight. Nothing’s official, but they told me to get into train camp and get ready. So, I’m thinking January I’ll be fighting and, most probably, it’ll be Tim Kennedy”, said the fighter.

With only four years dedicated to MMA, Rockhold holds a professional record of six wins in seven fights, being the most important over Jacare, while the former military Kennedy got 14 win in 17 bouts, suffering his last loss exactly to the Brazilian, in 2010."

 Also, Rockhold told TATAME he hopes Strikeforce to survive, but wants a chance to go to UFC.

“I also heard that Strikeforce might survive. Like I said, nothing’s official, it’s all hearesay. I look forward going to the UFC. I think me, Kennedy and Jacare would be very well in the UFC. I think we’re on the way to go”, said."

 ttt, looks like its going down on Jan 7th

Should be a great fight but I think Rockhold takes this one decisively.