Rockhold says Chimaev turned down a fight with him

Believe it or not?

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I’m sick of this hazmat guy


Didn’t he die from covid?


Died but was resurrected. He’s come back again to judge the living and the dead!


Why does he want to bounce up and down?

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Yeah for his own sake he needs to stay at 1 weight class… he doesn’t need to set his sights on being a double champion — just get one first and defend it… we still have no clue how good he is lol

Rockhold/Chimaev at 185 is a pretty fascinating style matchup though I have y admit

It must be hard for him in the position he’s in but he’s trying way too HARD to stay relevant whilst not actually fighting.
He just needs to get a fight and actually win one

I agree, not a good look at all for chimaev

I think Rockhold out grapples him and wins. Rockhold should try to grapple everyone he fights from this point forward.

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Khamzats shtick is growing tiresome. Smash everyone, fight every day if he can for first 3 nobody opponents. Needs full camp for real challenge and pulls out to covid…fine, pulls out again, fine, retired…not retires, either way hasn’t fought in forever and keeps running his mouth. Lots of guys call him out and he tucks, doesnt want to fight Holland until Holland gets wrestle fucked then all of a sudden he wants it.

Rockhold is too dangerous to him even if Luke has a glass chin, so Khamzat runs.

He needs to fight a warm body for once and shut the fuck up until he actually wins against a few


Agreed, Rockhold has historically under-utilized his grappling. I’m hoping Khabib’s influence on him will strengthen his grappling enthusiasm.

I do think he wins against Chimaev, but that’s a tough comeback fight. Chimaev is such an enigma.


Chimaev’s crap is getting tiresome. However,
I will never grow tired of seeing Luke get knocked out.

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Yeah Chimaev just needs to fight someone ASAP. Stop posting until you fight.

He’s not that smart.

He doesnt seem to want to fight anyone who is a real challenge.

Holland, Magny, both were of zero interest until they both lost by getting wrestle fucked and showing their weakness on the ground then all of a sudden he was changing his tune, but still never pushed for the fight, just started talking shit about them, he is good at that.

Edward’s due to covid perhaps but who really knows if he would have found another way to pull out of the fight.

I’d love to see what he can do and he started off looking good against very very easy competition, but since has done nothing but run his mouth and stay on the sidelines.

I think Luke would be a very rough matchup.