Rockhold vs. Jacare II please

Is such a thing even possible?

It needs to be. Phone Post 3.0

its def the fight to make now

Jacare looking fantastic, 4-0 in the UFC and likely next in line.
Rockhold looking fantastic after getting his head kicked off, yet sits behind Jacare @ #5 although he beat him.

Vitor/Weidman scheduled for Feb.
It would be great to see this fight on the card as well, or soon afterward as the UFC is cheap, and probably holding off in case Weidman and/or Vitor doesn't come through.

Although it's a bit unfair to ask on fight night with a Rockhold victory fresh in the minds of the UG, but who wins?

Pretend Jacare/Mousasi just happened if it helps.

Signed Phone Post 3.0

I want to see jacare fight for the title next.

Let's see Luke fight romero Phone Post 3.0

Jacare-Machida would have been incredible. I'm not sure how Jacare passed him in the rankings to begin with. Phone Post 3.0

Darth Ryase - Jacare-Machida would have been incredible. I'm not sure how Jacare passed him in the rankings to begin with. Phone Post 3.0

Cuz he lost to Weidman, but I agree that's a great fight.
Really anything top 15 is good, this is the best MW division ever.

Yoel, as much as I like him and believe he can beat anyone), doesn't know how to use his own resources, and he won his last controversially. He's old and will never wear the strap.

Putting Rockhold against him is foolish, as Yoel COULD win on a "lucky" shot, but wouldn't be given a title shot until one or two more key wins.
A total waste from Zuffa's POV.
They're not gonna waste Rockhold like that.

Jacare should get the title shot, but I can't help liking this fight. These guys are a blockbuster 20/20 match up.

Like Cung Le/Wanderlei would've been.
Like Karo Parisyan/Nick Diaz would've been.
Scott Smith/Robbie Lawler, or Lawler/Lytle, Stout/Fisher ect. ect....

UFC is missing the boat on this, and should take lessons from K-1 and others.
They need to be able to recognize excellent stylistic matchups this side of the midget divisions.

Yes I know I mentioned a 155'r but it was good.
Tyson Griffin/Sean Sherk should've been four or five fights too.

Winner gets title shot works for me. Phone Post 3.0

timing is right. jacare fought in sept. these guys could fight jan/feb for title shot, that is if weidman actually fights in feb

TNT Phone Post 3.0

i don't think Jacare needs to fight again. I think he should get the winner of WEidman/Belfort (so Weidman) no questions asked.

Although I certianly wouldn't say no to Rockhold/Jacare 2.

He doesn't, but should Jacare be inactive for a year, waiting for a shot? Phone Post 3.0