Rockhold's goal is to break lots of records

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                                Rockhold's goal is to break lots of records

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                    <p>Luke Rockhold defends his UFC middleweight title for the first time vs. Michael Bisping at UFC 199&nbsp;on June 4, 2016 at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Then he intends to break records, in a division where Anderson Silva set them. Rockhold is the son of a former professional basketball player, and is excited to be fighting at the Forum, the home court of the Los Angeles Lakers from 1967 to 1999.</p>


"Everything I've done in my life has always been competitive," said Rockhold to Dave Meltzer for MMA Fighting. "I've always pushed myself. I've always wanted to take that leap of faith. I never wanted to live in my comfort zone. I always wanted to break every record I can. I've never been more passionate and more focused since I found this sport, or whatever you want to call it. It's as real as it gets. I love it. I don't understand anybody in any part of life if their goal is to be average. What's the point of living? If you're passionate about something, do it to be good. Do it to be great,. Do it to be special. Do it to be something more. You want to leave your mark. Nobody wants to be forgotten. I don't understand any other way of living my life. I want to break every record and realize my potential and I don't think I'm there. I'm entering my athletic prime. I have five or six years. I have so much technically and athletically I can get better in."

"Being in California excites me. Inglewood, the first fight at The Forum. It's going to be a fun event. I checked it out. There's a lot of history in that building, NBA history, musical history, it's a legendary concert hall. I'm looking to leave my mark at The Forum--on Bisping's face."

"There's so much to master. It's such a mental game. It's not just a mindless ball sport where it's so much about athleticism. This is a mental game, a technical game. Athletics help, but by no means does it dictate what happens in a fight. You don't have the super athletes dominating like you have in other sports. You have guys like me who are athletes, but mentally, I'm stronger than anyone in this game. I'm more technical pound-for-pound. There's nobody who can touch me. I don't care if it's Jon Jones. I've got too many techniques mastered."

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Wow he sounds very into himself.

Maybe defend it once or twice first Phone Post 3.0

He's got the right attitude. Phone Post 3.0

Interesting Phone Post 3.0

I believe he will be champ for a few years but mostly due to his athletic ability. I'm not sure mentally he is anymore tougher or smarter than someone like bisping. However he is more athletic and that carries him a long way. Same way when he fought Chris. He didn't out game plan him. He is just a better, faster, more explosive fighter. 


Breaking records while breaking vaginas.
Follow. Phone Post 3.0

RockHold IS extremely good and talented, but to say he could beat Jon Jones is foolish imo.
That being said, i don't think anyone is taking his spot at middleweight for a while now.

Curse you Rainier that just brought me a sad:,

I hope those are country or pop records. Phone Post 3.0

floofy - RockHold IS extremely good and talented, but to say he could beat Jon Jones is foolish imo.
That being said, i don't think anyone is taking his spot at middleweight for a while now.
I think he has a better shot against jones than a lot of these guys at LHW. He's much bigger than most of them Phone Post 3.0