Rock's new movie....

looks amazing!

its really super to see him growing as an actor and a human being.

can you smell an oscar?

WHats his new film?

And you call yourself a wrestling fan?

Shame on you.

You dont know do you? Lol. Films are'nt wrestling ...thats my excuse anyway.

The Rock's been the best thing in every movie he's appeared in. Hopefully he will start getting good scripts now. Divorced? I wonder? He's a good looking guy in Hollywood. Probably gets pussy thrown at him every second. That would be tough on a marriage.

Films ARE wrestling.

How dare you sir!

This movie is already receiving Oscar Buzz.

ttt for Scorpion King must be made!

Lol my mistake you are of course correct.

If Dwayne leaves his wife, it's not over looks. She's one rottie chick.

He was awesome

"it does look good"


great imo!

are you f'in serious. This movie looks good? Another prison football team feel good movie.

C'mon he has talent but this script sucks and will bomb.

Art, please ban triestur for his blatant trolling.

i wish I was trolling. isn't this an mtv production ?

doesn't take the bait

I'm very funny. Get to know me.


Where's a rogue mod when you need one?