"Rocky Balboa" Training

I saw Rocky Balboa last night and as a big fan of all the Rocky movies (even #5) I have to say the training in this last one takes the cake! This training is more impressive and inspiring than that of Rocky IV.

Stallone looked damn strong cleaning 405, push pressing 315...squatting 495 (i think) i know stallone is a big strong guy, but can he really put up those numbers?

I also liked the kettlebell training he did and the 'keg slams'. all in all, good movie that makes you want to workout when you get out of the theater. Anyone else see it? Thoughts?

I have heard mixed reviews. One of my buddies saw it twice and another said it stunk and he could not find anything good about it.

TAKU<---will have to decide for himself later.

From his Q&A on Ain't It Cool:

Q: "How much of the workout in the movie did you actually do? Did you really clean and press 225?"

A: "What you see in the movie is real. Except for the squats, which topped out at 400lbs."

I KNEW IT! sly is still a beast! long live rambo!

his physical conditioning at 60 is an inspiration. Hell his physical conditioning at any age is impressive.

I dunno, he looks like he's in great shape and he was really self-deprecating in all 20 pages of his Q&As; I don't know why he'd lie about that while downplaying himself in so many other ways.

"My question is whether the producers / insurance company would let a 60 year old man attempt max lifts."

  1. Stallone wrote and directed the first Rocky movie.

to prepare himself for the original role, he trained a tremendous amount, dieting to the point where he would walk around the parking lot confused because he didn't have enough carbs or fat in his diet, because he had to lose enough fat to have good definition.

he's still in excellent shape at 60 years old.

Who's going to be the guy to tell him, "You're too old to lift"?

  1. The training is a major plot point of the movie.

Blank-firing guns are a major injury risk to actors, especially if used improperly (Brandon Lee and several other actors died using/abusing them).

insurance companies haven't demanded that gunshots be replaced with CGI for action movies yet that I know of.

  1. If Stallone injures himself training, so what? He's more that loaded enough to pay for medical care for the rest of his life.

WizzleTeats, are you going to tell me that in Rocky IV Dolph Lundgren wasn't actually hitting the Power Pad with 2 billion foot pounds of force?

there is not a shot in hell that Stallone could ever clean 405. 225 maybe.

Mark Kerr was doing low reps with 315 at his peak on his pwer cleans. Stallone is clowning.

toolin, you are right.

All I need to do is get a big ass chain, and a keg and start eating S.Stallones protein pudding and Im gonna be ripped!

" there is not a shot in hell that Stallone could ever clean 405. 225 maybe."

He said he cleaned and pressed 225.

As for not being allowed to do real lifts, if he were doing amounts that he did regularly on his own, I don't think it would be an issue.

400lbs+ would be sick for anyone let alone a 60yr old...

He is the man though :). Nice to see some OLifts in a movie.