Rocky Marciano's style?

I'm a lot like the Rock. I'm kind of short, but I'm thick. Yeah, i mean, he was relentless and he refused to lose, etc. etc., but I'm talking from a technical stand point. How did Marciano box?

He bobbed and weaved a lot and tried to work his way in close. Once inside he would bang to body and head with hooks, and wasn't above using his elbows, shoulders and head. He was extremely strong for his size and would walk people down and bully them into the ropes if they tried to stand their ground against him. It's a style that requires a lot of strength stamina and toughness to pull off.

This is a good analysis of his style as well:

A lot of people feel the Rock didn't have much style because he started late, had odd physical attributes (short arms, excessive strength) and was an inside fighter and what looked like a wild banger, but he had, I think, more skill and style than he is normally credited for, knew how to use hi sstrengths.

HULC - This is a good analysis of his style as well:

 i hate when people try and paint him as just a brawler. guys were so technically sound then and masters of their craft that there is no way a guy  could just tough his way to the title. liston is another guy looked at as just a brute and then you see him parrying punches, weight and balance always perfect. picture perfect jab and cross. no one is taking a title in any division in the 50's and not be able to box

I've always loved and respected these old time boxers and people just don't understand.

That video is golden!

Awkward but effective style, and he absolutely had a style. He was more than a crude brawler - Charlie Goldman took his physical liabilities and turned them into assets. Marciano was incredibly low to the ground and not as easy to hit flush as it looked (Carmen Basilio did the same thing, especially in his fights vs. Robinson). Also had a great tactic of smashing people in close on the arms, hips, shoulders, wherever.

It worked because Marciano had insane stamina and in a 15 rounder he was gonna be on you. A lot. He basically broke people and finished them.


He was never afraid to look bad in the ring. He never had trouble pulling the trigger. He didn't care if he swung and missed and looked silly. He just didn't care about style points. He just wanted to win. Somebody else brought up a great point about him beating you up to the arms, hips, legs, and totally slowed down the faster fighters and made them drop their hands as well. Then he would land the Susie-Q and it was the beginning of the end.