Rod Sacharnoski - Combat Ki!

Oh boy. Discovery channel was running their martial arts special again. I Tivo'd it since the description said "Underground Fights" Alas, nothing, same special on the fat American in Okinawa who fights like an idiot, and Rod Sacharnoski and his Combat Ki.

I googled him, and there's soem lawsuits about him? Punching people in the neck and nuts seems pretty hokey. Didn't Ryan Parker have the impact-proof nuts too?

I dunno, there's gotta be someone withsome funny stories about him...


Comon. No one has a story making fun of a guy who's blackbelt test consists of four people punching a girl in the neck??!?!?!


i think e-budo has a file on him

The fat American seemed like just a punching bag for the Japanese folk. The teacher seemed to know how to fight though.

I saw that yesterday. Those guys punching the woman in the neck, etc. was brutal.

That chick is tough as hell. I don't think I could pass that test.

I saw a demonstration by Rod and his students at Ed Parker's Long Beach Internationals many years ago. They were Japanese Jiu-Jitsu as I recall.

They invited 4 black belts to hit this guy (I think it a student and not Rod, but not sure) in the throat, both sides of the neck and back of the neck all at once. While it appeared the black belts weren't really wanting to hit with full power, it was still pretty impressive.

The guy would take groin shots, solar plexus shots and it didn't bother him. Jeff Smith, who was a light heavyweight Black Belt under Jhoon Rhee was to kick this guy in the head with a hooking heel kick. Well, it appeared Smith was a little annoyed by this display and implying that it would negate Karate, so he wanted to show this guy what a real kick was. Smith unleased a beautiful spinning, hooking heel kick and hit the guy in the head, just missed his temple. The guy went down, almost like he was shot. The guy got back up and staggered a little. The bloodthirsty crowd wanted to see another kick and Jeff Smith appeared eager to see if he could kill the guy with the next one. Mr. Parker jumped onto the stage and advised everyone the demonstration was over.

Gary Hughes

Gary -

That is the single coolest story ever.


wow sounds like this jeff smith guy was lucky he didn't shatter his leg on that guy's melon!!

The kick sounded sick when it landed. That guy could have gotten a concussion, I don't know. A student from our studio, video taped it and we watched it over and over and also in slow motion. That kick was a thing of beauty, but I'm glad Mr. Parker didn't let Smith kick him again. Most of the crowd was sick of the arrogance and implying that Karate wouldn't work on them, but I didn't want to see a death either.

Gary Hughes