Rodman's flaming police baton?

that's classy!

this is some exciting stuff - I love watch people walk around with flaming sticks in their hand

what is choi doing with his left arm???  is he holding his rib?

"ya gotta love some pageantry!"

Rodman, flaming, and baton in the same sentence....hahahaha!!!


all for one??? WTF!!!!!

hey, did you hear that they're grammy award winning...grammy award winning?

was Rodman the only random homeless man they could find at the time?

that clueless dj is a nice touch too

the DJ keeps saying the same things over & over.  he's like Jimmy Two Times

They do plan to show some fights right?

hong man choi almost had a heart attack

oh shit, I just started laughing out loud when the guys with the bouncy stilts went by on the screen.  this is a zoo!

this is just a very bad olympics opening ceremony meets burning man