Rodney"Chico" in Slovakia - review

OK. Here we go. Last 7 days I had chance to host Rodney „Chico“ King in Slovakia. I already brought him here 1,5 years ago, so I knew this will be top seminar. Well, guys I can say Rodney has exceeded ALL my expectations so much that I am going to write it down here a little bit. Like always with my reviews, I am not going to explain some technical. info, or step by step process of his teaching - it would be pointless. I just want to reflex my honest opinion and feeling towards Rodney´s coaching ability……and I think it should be done, because he coaches ALL SPECRUM of thinks which can be absorbed by ANYBODY….regardless style…….or fighting preference (BJJ, clinch, stand up, weapons,..etc). Surprise? Well, may be yes (because he is known for his outstanding stand up and CRAZY MONKEY systém), but because Rodney is highly skilled mental coach with degree in psychology … was not surpise for me that sooner or later he come out with „mental stuff“.

For the first time EVER , outside of South Africa , he coached also his mental game approach for performance. So before and after the close group seminar, I had opportunity to train with Rodney privately, one on one, discuss a lot of training –technical , mental , coaching and other problems. Well, I can say - I was blown out with his approach and its high effectivness which have direct impact on my fighting (sparring) ability!

So what´s up with his „mental game“ programe? Well, let me say you one thing. By training with Rodney for couple of days, I already see MANY positive changes in my mental approach , stress management stuff, agressivness /fear management…ect. His 7 STEPS formula for mental coaching is really awesome. It is clear that everything which Rodney is coaching now are based on blending technical and mental stuff together in to one package. Sad thing is , that a lot of people still are not believe that through your mind and body you can progress much more faster then just with physical training.

The very first days of my private training, Rodney worked with me on FOCUS and BALANCE and how almost IMMEDIATELY turbo charge it in to my sparring performace! I is very komplex thing but generaly speaking - Rodney thinks that more 90% pro fighters have problems with these two areas! In the begining, we focused on my power punching approach and how to increase it RIGHT AWAY.I purposely said RIGHT AWAY, because I have been training MA for 17 years now, so expecting some radical changes or improvements in short time is simply „out of my world“ of thinking. Basicaly it was, because what I experienced was AMAZING!!!! Rodney - through his mental coaching stuff and couple of subtle technical things - increased my power punching at least double times!!!!! During very short time!


What you do or don?t do during any performace depends MOSTLY on your mental preparation. Rodney said it is more then 90% ! Your power, combinations, coordination, follow ups,counters,?etc?..whatever - has nothing to do much with your technical preparation.(technique is already down!) So when you pull your punches out, or overextended them or try to hit harder during light sparring?.or whatever ??chances are very HIGH, that your mind is not on the same page like your body. What does it mean in reality? It means , that by mastering his programme you can progress much more faster, correct old habits (within very short time) and brutaly increase your performance . Typical examples were during our sparing sesssions. Well, in the beginning I did quite average against him? he pull me aside and did couple of minutes ? mental stuff coaching??.then we came back in to sparring environment.and to my BIG surpises?..I felt really HUGE improvements. It was oustanding how quickly he was able to find my ?mental? weak spots ?and fixed it up. Then through my mind - everything was transfering in to my timing, combinations and counters. My performance was very good I think. I sparred many times better then before (couple of minutes before that)???.so because of my technique? NO! It was because his mental coaching. Simply amazing??.

I also felt that Rodney sparring performance has increased many many times from last time - 1,5 years ago. So I asked him ?.how was his training approach - he had to train differently or much harder then before!!!! Well?..and it is not such surprise for me now (but it was - believe me) he actually was training much less and morever - because he slipped his disk on back he was unable to sparr for more then 2 months!!!! So this time it was his first sparring session after 2 months break!!! And like he said he did much better then before the injury!He simply felt that. How is it possible? Well, he was not training physicaly for 2 months, but still was able to work ?mentaly?, ?sparing? every day in his head for couple of hours!!

So his mental approach was critical not even during our private -technical training but also during our ?in house? seminar. Performace level of my guys has increased at least by 100%. Of course Rodney was working with my guys - on striking approach, CM stuff and on a lots of subtle , very personal - technical and MENTAL problems which he recognized during sparrings sessions. After fixing up problems (which took Rodney couple of hours?)?? I sparred with every guy , and I can tell you??they progressed so much that I was really glad that I had been working with Rodney for couple of days before that. They bacame realy much more dangerous!


Then he covered "clinch boxing" stuff - the last part of seminar ...his "4 point" system is pretty unique and definitely enhanced everybody performance which I saw in the end - where we did another rounds of"all out" sparring. His teaching structure , explanations, clinching combos, subtle details ,..etc, were simple amazing.

So what to say in the end?I am very glad that Rodney is my stand up coach, because I feel he is one of the best , if not the best in stand up field and mental coaching! Bro -I hope you also had a good time and I hopefuly see you soon. Have a good back fligh and get out of sickness.

Radek Sefcik


Cool review bro!

It's always amazing how Rodney can jump start your performance in such a short time.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing.