Rodney King got his black belt

first black belt in South Africa. Congrats

from whom? congrats!

So he finally decided to learn some ground game after getting beatdown by the LAPD back in '92?

by Chris Haueter. This is Rodney King from S.Africa not the LA one

u could learn much from shen

Congrats to Rodney

Congrats. Never seen him roll, just seen one of his boxing instructional DVD's

"We're ALL students."

lmao at shen

i hope shen shows us the troll pass, and how to get ur troll black belt in 3 years

Shen, what's your rate for a trip to Australia? Or do you prefer to deliver the course online?

Oh, and congrats to Rodney.

Well, maybe we could have a brief trolling workshop in this thread. How do you guys think the troll could have been improved?

I think that as a troll, this is simply too juicy a target. I mean, you can't honestly expect a guy to pass up a hanging curve like this. Subtlety would have improved it, though. Maybe I would have gone with a personal anecdote about how I trained with rodney king a few years ago and how he was always a class act, etc. You, know, generic positive comments that could be about anyone, then pull the switcheroo at the end and mention something about JKD baton defenses. I'd be interested in seeing what a decent black belt could do with this thread, though.

Congrats to Rodney! His videos are great. I have a friend that trains in his long distance program and loves it.

Finally, some justice and some peace.

Now that is excellent, very subtle. A 1000% improvement.

is rodney king like south AFRICAN, or is he dutch south african??

not that it matters?

and does he teach u how to survive in the mean streets of joho, as well as in the jungle?

He is white

Troll, troll, troll your posts

Gently down the screen.............


I want to learn the fine art of being a troll's troll, one day.  You know, the kind of troll that other trolls really look up to.  As it is now, I just come up with stupid lyrics.


What a tremendously educational and dysfunctional thread from title to content. Shen is officialy my idol, though twinkletoes really impressed me with the fine example of how this thread could have been improved.

It's nice to see everyone getting along.

That's why I get the big bucks.

I was serious though--one of my pals trains in the long distance program, and says Rodney is perhaps the best standup coach with whom he's trained. He really enjoys his seminars and private lessons with him. And I do have some of his videos (and love them).

Awesome! He should compete in the ADCC trials in S. Africa.