Rodney King in Slovakia......

From 29th November to 6 th December Rodney „Chico" King was in Slovakia in order to conduct private and semi private training. In the beginning I had chance to train privately with him..and honestly have to say it was BLAST. Rodney has tested me during „light" sparring session(in order to see what is my level ) and then worked from there. This is what coaching should be all about...increase the individual performance level by teaching stuff which is individualy oriented and not just couple of moves like everybody is doing...that´s big difference. I can honestly performance level after just 1st lesson incresed dramaticaly!!!!!! I even could not believe that.... But it was real fact...We then worked more clinch and his CM stuff... during our privates.

BUt I realy do not want to speak too much about „technical " stuff which Rodney covered with me...this is quite difficult...but I want to focus more on his coaching approach in boxing and clinch game. I found out his overall stand up approach is really really unique! And I do not mean just his boxing stuff, I mean clinch and kicks too. I get through a lot of clinching and boxing material and seminars..and I can tell you his approach is the best which I had experienced ! He liked „go for the kill" right away...and not just trade punches or knees like a lot of guys do . His approach is totaly MMA and street oriented ....and I like it very much. He cut off a lot of traditional MUAY THAI and BOXING techniques from his arsenal and make it much simplier and easier and most importantly much more functional for MMA and street. His approach is definitely not atributes based....which means everybody can learn it ...

As for the seminar...yeah the stuff which he covered was top notch and high is clear I think . But what Rodney´ s separates from rest of the stand up guys which I had experince with until today... was his outstanding coaching approach. He sparred /almost 1 hour/ with everybody and coached every SINGLE guy...which of course DRASTICALY increased EVERYBODY ´s level...RIGH AWAY!!!!!!!!! It was AWESOME blastand experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to thank Rodney that he is giving me this very unique training opportunity and I hope to see him very soon next year!

Thanks again bro,

And have a good back flight to SA,


PS: watch out guys for HUGE surprises next year..Rodney is gonna „BREAK" coaching stand up market very soon..:)

By the way, this Rodney King is the white guy from South Africa, not the black guy that got beat down by LAPD. :)

I was like Damn........San Quinton must have one hell of a reform program.

LOLOL make me laught! I though everybody know his name......but I should have put his name more in to perspective I think.......


I've read some great things about him. I want to check out his tape series.

TTT for fellow white guys from RSA

I agree with Radek in 100%. Training with Rodney was great! Those body shots ;) I am feeling them even today...;)

haha..yeah body shots and boomerangs.....:)

Actualy ....when I was training with him privately/behind the closed doors/ I took a lot of punishement the beginning. THen started teaching process....just like with Raymond KI stuff when we were in AUS. So very similar and typical for high functional stuff.....


I trained with Rodney a short while ago. He is amazing! Not many people are that good. You will learn a lot from him


Radek did u find similarities with rodney's empty hand stuff and rays? i sure did, with a bit more of a boxing emphasis on rodney's but striking similarities....a product of aliveness no doubt.

Hi Lemon,

Care to go into any of these similarities?


Hi Lemon! How are you? How it´s going in AUS?

Yeah..there are some similarities and diferences in both approaches....which depends on individual preferences and also it comes from experience.
I also think because Ray focus are weapons...his empty hands stand up stuff is more "weapons" oriented which means he "pulled" principles from there.

Rodney´s approach is very unique too! Through his HUGE experience with pro boxers, wrestlers and THAI boxers he developed outstanding stand up style which I have not seen anywhere else......his method is about "killer instinct" in stand up game..and not about trading punches or knees like we often see in some pro fights.

I also think that both approaches are HIGHLY effective and I really recommend to train with both guys if you can!Your stand up game will progress pretty fast...